ClickSilver Connections - supporting residents to go digital

Our resident support programme has been working with care and support teams to find ways to help our most isolated residents connect with others digitally.

In partnership with Business in the Community (BITC), we’re launching ClickSilver Connections, an IT mentoring service for residents. It helps residents gain new skills, build IT confidence and reduce social isolation. Ideally residents must have their own IT equipment and an existing internet connection.

All referred residents will be assigned a digital mentor and receive support weekly for up to five weeks. Help offered will range from accessing online shopping, support with using a smart phone or setting up and using email.

Overview of ClickSilver

  • a digital mentor will be matched and assigned to each participant
  • weekly sessions will be over the phone, lasting between 30 minutes and an hour, over four to five weeks
  • sessions are during office hours
  • the learning is participant-led, so the digital mentor will focus on whatever the participant would like to learn or have help with

Who can be referred to ClickSilver?

  • a resident of any tenure aged 18 and over
  • residents who are isolated and lack skills or confidence to use IT and/or the internet 
  • residents will need to have access to a phone and tablet or laptop as well as an internet connection to take part
  • other languages will be catered for (where possible) through the matching process  

How do I get referred? 

If you or a resident you know would like to be referred to ClickSilver, speak to your housing office or email

Here is what a participant who took part in a previous project had to say: 

"I found my mentor to be very friendly and patient. She guided me through stages to help with my poor IT skills. I learned how to set up Zoom, open Spotify and acquire an email account on my mobile phone. This was very difficult because I’m so impatient, but my mentor never lost her patience, just gently asked what I could see on the phone or laptop.

"I didn’t feel foolish - in fact she made me feel special because of her positive manner. Georgia also gave me advice about the community calendar which I’m working on. I found all four sessions very positive. Thank you for the opportunity to take part."