Resetting a trip switch

If your power goes out you can reset the 'trip' switch yourself, which may turn the power back on.

Modern electric circuits are fitted with a circuit breaker fuse system. If a fault develops, a switch in the consumer unit is tripped and the circuit broken.

Fuses usually trip because either the circuit is overloaded or an appliance is faulty.

Never tamper with the Electricity Board's fuse and seals.

In the event of a gas leak or flood do not switch on lights or appliances.

To reset a trip switch

You will need:

  • a torch
  • a step ladder.

The consumer unit can be found next to the electricity meters.

  1. Unplug all appliances.
  2. Open the cover on the consumer unit to expose the trip switches.
  3. Reset the trip by pushing in the trip button or pushing up the trip switch.
  4. Plug the appliances back one at a time to check if any is faulty and tripping the switch.
  5. Close the cover on the consumer unit.

If it didn't work

If the switch keeps moving back to the 'off' position, you'll need to report it to an electrician. If you're a tenant, your housing officer can arrange for an inspection by an electrician.