Reasonable adjustments

A reasonable adjustment is designed to support residents' needs whilst accessing our services as a housing provider, to remove barriers and enable residents to access the same benefits, terms or conditions as other residents. The term ‘reasonable’ is reliant on what we can do as an organisation without affecting our resources, efficiency and ability to practically carry out what is requested.

A reasonable adjustment is about adjusting our provision of services, which does not include aids and adaptations to our properties and common parts of a building. See more information about how we can help you to make your home more accessible. 

We are committed to ensuring that no one is at a disadvantage when accessing our services. The following statements do not endeavour to detail how we would approach every scenario, but are intended to provide a general overview to ensure that the services we provide are tailored to the needs of our residents.

We aim to provide services that are accessible to all who require them. As a result of this we will:

• Ensure Local Officers get to know their residents and their individual needs

• Provide a range of ways for residents to contact their local officer including phone, text, mail, email and My Account

• Provide alternative communication methods on request, such as Braille, foreign language interpreter, large print etc.

• Ensure residents are always able to select their preferred method of contact

• Tailor our services to meet the individual circumstances of our residents

• Ensure our offices are fully accessible to visitors

• When we are not restricted by legislation, we will provide residents with extra time to provide documentation where necessary

We will continue to diversify service provision to meet the needs of our residents where it does not have a negative impact on our resources, our efficiency and our practical ability to complete the request.