Raac Concrete Nhg (1)

20 Oct 2023

Surveys find no presence of RAAC in our buildings

Following concerns about reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) in our buildings, our surveys have found the risk is negligible.

When, in September, a number of schools were unable to reopen after the summer holiday due to RAAC being discovered, we began checks to find if it was present in any of our buildings.

The safety of our residents is always paramount, which is why we conduct surveys of our portfolio on an ongoing basis to identify any risks or hazards. Our regular stock condition surveyors have not identified RAAC in any of our homes and buildings, having surveyed almost 21,000 of them as part of our wider building safety measures.

Although the risk of RAAC being present in our properties was low we still carried out further investigations to make sure. Our building safety team were able to use desktop surveys to confirm there was no risk in 20 buildings, while we used an external provider FFT to carry out physical surveys on the remaining 47 blocks that fit the profile of buildings where RAAC has been used. We also looked at our community buildings and carried out a further survey on one that also fit the profile.

We are pleased to confirm these reviews found no presence of RAAC in any of the buildings.

We understand this may have caused concern for residents and want to reassure you that we have done, and will continue to do, everything we can to ensure your safety.