Nhg Safeguarding

13 Oct 2023

Safeguarding: How we help protect our residents

We are dedicated to making sure all our residents are in a secure and protected living environment. Our unwavering commitment to safeguarding is a core aspect of our Better Together mission, and we want to ensure your understanding of its significance in your life.

Our safeguarding processes are vital in protecting individuals from harm, abuse, neglect, or exploitation, and are in place to help anyone in our communities.

As your housing association, we seek to recognise and address any potential risks or fears that may impact your safety, dignity, or overall well-being. We stand ready to offer support, guidance, and a receptive ear should you ever encounter concerns or queries related to safeguarding.

Your welfare is of the utmost importance to us, and we highly value your insights in ensuring a secure living environment. Should you ever have suspicions or questions concerning safeguarding, we encourage you to contact us straight away. Please be assured that your communication is in strict confidence, and our commitment is to provide you with timely and effective assistance.

Together we can ensure our housing community remains a safe and inclusive place for all. We will also regularly communicate with you on matters connected to safeguarding by sharing information on how to protect yourself and accessing support services.

In cases where someone's life is at risk or a crime is in progress, contact the emergency services on 999. You have the option to report anonymously, ensuring both your safety and that of others is the top priority.