20 Mar 2023

New policy on damp and mould

We’ve published a new policy outlining our approach to dealing with damp and mould in our homes.  

The information was previously included in our responsive repairs policy, and we hope the creation of a stand-alone position emphasises our commitment to tackling the issue and makes it clearer for residents what you can expect from us if you have damp and mould in your home. 

The new policy is one of several actions to address damp and mould as part of our drive to ensure all residents live in a safe, warm and comfortable home. 

Please remember that we have a dedicated telephone line on 020 8451 8001 where you can report problems with condensation or mould in your home that you cannot manage yourself. You can also contact your housing officer/property management officer via My Account. 

For further information on managing damp and mould, please take a look at our repairs and maintenance section


The damp and mould policy was subsequently further updated in June 2024.