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30 Apr 2024

Our new involvement and engagement model

Following an extensive consultation period, we are pleased to announce our new involvement and engagement model. We have listened to your feedback (thank you) including some challenges, and what it has told us is that residents are in overall support of the changes.
The purpose of the consultation was to listen and share proposals about changes to how we engage and involve you, how we provide feedback, and to increase opportunities to attract a more diverse range of voices to improve the services that you receive.

What you have told us

Following extensive communication, engagement, and consultation with approximately 200 residents from our involvement database, we surveyed residents in March 2024 and found strong support for:

  • Increased ways for residents to give feedback on services. This includes short term projects, one-off consultations, or local community meetings.
  • An enhanced flow of resident feedback and performance information to the Notting Hill Genesis Board via our Resident Forum (formerly known as the Resident Voices Group).
  • Projects led by residents that support and monitor performance issues or strategic priorities.
  • Our resident involvement and engagement team to strengthen the recruitment package for resident volunteers through engagement, training, and outreach.

What does this mean to you?

Residents can look forward to a newly invigorated involvement and engagement model that will focus on projects and activities that deliver more strategic and measurable outcomes for you and your home.
Scrutiny, oversight, and involvement is essential and therefore the functions of the previous "fixed" groups will be delivered through different activities and projects in the new model. The Resident Voices Group will remain but following feedback from the Notting Genesis Board, has been renamed as the ‘Resident Forum’.
Instead, the work of these previous groups will become task & finish activities (e.g., for example for sustainability), one-off projects or consultation (i.e., for the Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Hub as well as local engagement opportunities such as local forums. All outcomes and actions will be fed back into Resident Forum for scrutiny and oversight. We would like to take this opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to all the members of the previous fixed groups for their commitment and hard work, and we would like to again reiterate that they are welcome to remain involved in activities through the new model.

What happens next?

Our resident involvement and engagement team will continue to promote these opportunities via Connections, the ‘Get Involved’ newsletter and the Notting Hill Genesis website and will be undertaking an extensive and ongoing recruitment campaign to encourage more residents to get involved.
We have already begun to see the benefits of improved communication around opportunities with 143 of previously uninvolved residents taking part in activities between April 2023 and March 2024.

Want to get involved?

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