Nhg Building Safety Update

11 Apr 2024

Our building safety managers – one year on

Last year we introduced you to our, then new, team of building safety managers.  

We wanted to let you know what they’ve been doing since they’ve been in post and how you can get more involved with the team.  

Our team of building safety managers are part of our commitment to keep our residents safe, as set out in our building safety policy. Each of them manage a set number of high-rise buildings within a specific area. They ensure risks are identified and mitigated, conduct assurance checks and on-site inspections and actively engage on safety issues with those who live in the building. 

A lot of their work has been looking at the data we have available for each building and putting all this information in one place. This gives them a better idea of how safe buildings are and what they needed to do to meet compliance. A lot of this work has gone into creating building safety cases which you can find out more about here 

We have created a dashboard and library so all Notting Hill Genesis staff have access to this information and we can see at a glance if there is anything missing or if more needs to be done.  

Most importantly though we need to let you, our residents, know what we’re doing to keep you safe. If you live in a high-rise building you should see your building safety manager’s photo and contact details on the noticeboard of your block. You can get in touch with them at any time if you have questions or concerns about fire safety. If you can’t find their details, you can get in touch by emailing buildingsafetymanagers@nhg.org.uk. 

Engaging with residents is so important to the team, as their job is to make sure you feel safe. To do this they have: 

  • Carried out inspections of fire equipment in the blocks 
  • Hosted surgeries for you to attend with any queries  
  • Reached out by phone to let residents know about updated information 
  • Sent out guidelines from the government and regulator as it changes or comes into force 
  • Sent out surveys by email to understand what residents want to know so they are assured their building is safe, as well as to ask how they want to be engaged with 

Following our survey in October last year, for those living in high rise buildings, we put together a poster for each block detailing our resident engagement pledge, factoring in what you have told us. This included setting out our commitment to building safety, how we’ll share this commitment with you and how you can be involved in decisions on building safety.  

This commitment for your building will be on the noticeboard in your block.  

This is just one of the ways we’re involving residents in our decisions. If you’re interested in finding out more about how you can be involved, influence and scrutinise other services (for example housing), please contact our resident involvement and engagement team by calling 020 3815 0367 , emailing Involvement@nhg.org.uk or through the Notting Hill Genesis website Get involved (nhg.org.uk). We also have a monthly newsletter where you can find out about upcoming events and what’s going on in your area.