New Function In My Account Website

26 Oct 2023

Listening to our residents - new feature in My Account

Earlier this year members of our My Account team went along to a resident drop-in session organised by our resident involvement team and Hammersmith and Fulham operations teams.

Primarily they were there to help residents sign up for My Account, answer any questions that existing users had about the portal and offer support to make sure they were using it to its full capacity. It was also a great chance to meet some residents in a relaxed environment and collaborate with colleagues from other areas of the organisation.

During the event the team met a tenant who was introduced by her housing officer. She had a repair she was disputing because she wasn’t happy with the quality of the work carried out. She had spoken to her housing officer over the phone about it but found it hard to explain exactly what she meant.

The resident suggested it would be a good idea to allow people to attach photos or videos when marking a repair as unsatisfactory. This way, they could clearly show what the issue was without needing technical repair knowledge.

Our teams all agreed this could be really useful in making it easier for residents to tell us what’s gone wrong with a repair. After the event, the team fed back to our technical developers to discuss how we could make this change in My Account.

Thanks to our resident’s excellent suggestion, we've been able to introduce this improvement. Now, residents are able to attach photos or videos when marking a repair as unsatisfactory. This new feature will help our local officers better understand repair disputes, leading to quicker resolutions for residents.

Niamh Murray, assistant director of insight and experience, said:

“The overwhelming resident feedback from the session was that residents appreciated being able to meet someone face –to-face, discuss any questions or problems they were having and get advice. Acting on this vital feedback proves we are really listening to our customers and acting in response, which is a key focus of our Better Together strategic priorities. 

“Hearing direct resident feedback is so valuable, whether good or bad. They’re the experts on our service so this was a really helpful opportunity to hear first-hand how we could improve things. It’s also a great example of how we can be led by our residents on what will improve their experience as we make important changes to our systems and the way we work.” 

This week we contacted the resident who had the idea to let her know that the new function has now been developed, all thanks to her feedback. She was really pleased and said:

“It was nice meeting you and the team at the event. Thank you for the update regarding uploading repair photos. This is a really useful addition to the repairs section on the site when providing feedback on repairs” 

If you’re a resident, and you haven’t yet signed up to My Account, you can do so here. It’s a quick, convenient and easy way to perform a number of tasks. Whether you want to make a payment, report and track a repair, contact your housing officer/your property management officer (PMO) or give feedback, there is no easier way to do it than via My Account. 

To give us feedback about the portal simply ‘Make an Enquiry’ and choose ‘My Account Feedback’, we’d love to hear from you.