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A contract between you and us

Read about your rights and responsibilities, rent, benefits and more

Your tenancy or lease

We'll give you clear guidance and information on your tenancy agreement or lease, including your rights and responsibilities, rent and benefits.

Our resident handbooks offer detailed information and advice on your agreement, home maintenance and the services we provide. The handbook should be read alongside your signed tenancy agreement or lease. 

Unsure whether you're a tenant or a homeowner? See 'Which type of resident am I?'. If you received a HomeBuy loan, find answers to your HomeBuy questions here.

Need support or advice?

If you're unclear about anything in your contract, don't hesitate to get in touch with your housing officer or property management officer (PMO) by logging in or registering for My Account. He/she can fully support you with understanding your tenancy or lease and provide you with advice.

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