Notting Hill Genesis has created this portal for residents to download EWS1 forms, but we do not have any influence over the process that sees assessors provide their rating and opinions.

In arranging and providing access to EWS1 forms, we are working in the capacity of facilitators. We have carried out membership and other checks to satisfy ourselves as much as reasonably possible that suppliers contracted to assess our properties on the current EWS1 criteria are legitimate construction professionals and, where applicable, accredited or qualified members of relevant organisations in accordance with RICS’ EWS1 guidance notes.

Provision of EWS1 forms

  • We provide access to EWS1 forms freely for the sole benefit of our customers who seek to transact with mortgage lenders to borrow, staircase against or sell their homes.
  • We do not indemnify users that the service we offer guarantees any lender will approve a mortgage or other application for borrowing.
  • The EWS1 form and RICS guidance is clear in that the form is designed to comment on cladding systems and any other attachments that will inform lenders in their decision-making process, it does not take the place of a Fire Risk Assessment.
  • We will only arrange EWS1 assessments through registered contracted professionals who have provided us with the correct professional insurance, are members of relevant professional organisations and have the requisite experience and knowledge to comment on external walls in the context of EWS1.
  • We will provide online access to a portal where EWS1 forms can be viewed and downloaded free of
  • charge
  • We are facilitating a no-obligation process and providing access to EWS1 forms should any of our customers wish to view these documents or download free of charge.
  • If any person or third party tries to charge for access to your building’s EWS1 form, do not make any financial commitment and contact your local officer immediately.
  • Please note that the person/organisation who has signed the EWS1 form does not have a responsibility to residents or lenders in relation to the form; their liability is to NHG or the relevant building owner. For details please see the notes within the form itself.


Building safety and EWS1 FAQs

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about buildings safety and EWS1 forms.