• When will the change take place?

    Effective from 1st August, Insite will be undertaking the system changes on an account by account basis so changes to your account will take effect during August. If you do not have a sub-tenant you will not receive any communication confirming that the change has taken place. If you do have a sub-tenant they will receive a Welcome Letter.

  • Will my heating/hot water be affected?

    This change will not affect your heating or hot water and you can continue to use your supply as normal. The change being undertaken is an IT change on the Insite system, rather than your heating and hot water system.

  • If you are subletting:

    If you are not subletting your property, there will be no changes to your account or experience of managing your Insite account. If you are subletting your property, there are a number of changes to how the Insite bills will be managed going forward, please read on for further information:

    a. What are the changes for subletting?

    Previously it was possible for sub-tenants to have Insite bills put in their name; from August 2020 the named account holder will be the Leaseholder, as is NHG policy for Service Charge. While your tenant will still be able to pay the Insite bills, responsibility for the bills and arrears will remain with the Leaseholder.

    • Insite charge NHG £30 for a change of tenancy fee; going forward when you request your sub-tenant to be added onto a property, this £30 charge will be added to the first bill of the new subtenant’s period.
      There is no £30 change of tenancy charge applied when the property is confirmed as ‘vacant’, that is when your subtenant has moved out and no one occupies the property.
    • Insite also charge NHG £15 if a Direct Debit fails to be collected; this charge will appear on the next bill after the direct debit was not able to be taken.

    b. What if there is an existing tenant at the property?

    You will need to contact Insite on residata@insite-energy.co.uk confirming:

    • Your tenant’s name
    • Provide your approval for them to be setup as a secondary account holder
    • The date they moved into the property
    • Their email address and mobile number

    You will then need to contact your tenant and ask them to setup a Direct Debit with Insite, or another Way to Pay as shown on Insite’s website: https://insite-energy.co.uk/ways-pay-your-bill

    If there is an existing debt on your tenant’s account, this will be transferred to your name when the change takes place. While you resolve this with your tenant, please do not hesitate to contact Insite on customerservice@insite-energy.co.uk for a statement of accounts.

    c. How do I notify Insite of any tenancy changes?

    Please notify Insite of any changes of tenant, providing the below information to customerservice@insite-energy.co.uk

    • Your tenant’s name
    • Provide your approval for them to be setup as a secondary account holder
    • The date they moved into the property
    • Their email address and mobile number
    • Meter Read

    For some meters, meter reads are automatically provided to Insite Energy. However, it is advisable to request meter reads from your tenants when they move in or out of the property in case of any potential meter issues.

    d. What happens when my new tenant moves in?

    Once you have provided Insite with any new tenancy details, they will register your tenant as a secondary account holder and when the move in date arrives, a Welcome Pack will be emailed to you and your tenant outlining how to pay their bill, details of their tariff and contact information for the Insite Customer Service team.

    e. What happens when my tenant moves out?

    A final bill will be generated using the meter reading you provide, which will confirm the final balance to pay for your tenant. This is generated within 5 working days of the move out date and emailed to you and your tenant. If they fail to pay within 14 working days, their secondary account will be closed, and you may receive payment reminders for the amount owing.

    If your tenant is in credit in their final bill, this will be refunded directly to them if they have an active Direct Debit. If they have chosen to pay on receipt of the bill, the credit will be added to your account and you will need to return the credit to the tenant.

    f. What happens when the property is void?

    When there is no sub-tenant in the property you will be responsible for paying charges for this period and will need to arrange payment with Insite via one of their ways to pay: https://insite-energy.co.uk/ways-pay-your-bill

    g. How do I view my tenant’s balance during the tenancy?

    If you would like to know what the balance of the account is during your tenant’s occupation, please contact customerservice@insite-energy.co.uk for an up to date balance of accounts.

    h. What if I have a Managing Agent managing my property and tenants?

    If you would like your managing agent to engage with Insite on property move in/out and bills, please contact energy.provision@nhg.org.uk to discuss these arrangements so we can find a solution that meets your needs.

    More information
    For any account queries please contact Insite energy via email or phone on customerservice@insite-energy.co.uk