Routine repairs 

The easiest way to report a repair is to do it online on My Account.

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Routine repairs are repairs that are unlikely to cause serious health and safety problems or serious damage if they are not fixed straight away. For example, repairs to taps, doorswindows etc. 

For heating and hot water issues, you can also request repairs directly with the relevant contractor.

Emergency repairs  

If your repair is an emergency, please contact us on 020 3815 0000 and select option 1.
Emergency repairs are situations where there is a danger to life and limb, major damage to the property, flooding or major electrical faults.  

In the event that your home or is flooded, follow advice on what to do from the Environment Agency. You can also look at the Met Office website for updates or alerts of any upcoming weather concerns.

Flooding advice 

Getting support

If you are affected by flooding or have an emergency issue in your home please call us on 0203 815 0000 and select option 1. Our staff will then be able to help you access the support you may need.


If you have insurance in place, you should contact your insurance provider as soon as possible to report any damage. Before throwing anything away, speak to your insurance company, and make sure you take photographs of any damage in line with your insurance company’s policies. We highly recommend that all residents have contents insurance to provide cover for their personal belongings.

Water supply

If you have problems with your water supply, contact Thames Water on 0800 316 9800.


Repairs and Covid-19

Most restrictions relating to C-19 have been lifted, but please:

  • Continue to let us know in advance if anyone in your household has symptoms or is isolating so that we can take additional precautions if our visit is essential or an emergency, or re-arrange it for a later date if it’s not urgent.
  • Tell our contractors if you would prefer them to wear a face covering when they’re working in your home.
  • Respect our contractors’ wishes if they ask you to wear a face covering. If you don’t want to wear a covering, please keep a safe distance and open doors and windows to increase ventilation while they’re in your home.