Our responsibility

We will provide pest control in communal areas and inside the property if the infestation is being experienced across multiple homes. This includes such pests as rats, mice, cockroaches, squirrels, pigeons, wasps, fleas, bedbugs and pharaoh ants, which can carry and transmit serious diseases.

Your responsibility

You are responsible for keeping the inside of you home clean and tidy and not to encourage pest infestation, and to conduct internal pest control of your home, to ensure your home is safe, healthy, and free from things that could cause serious harm.

If you find any evidence of mice, cockroaches, pharaoh ants, wasps or any other pests, please contact your local hardware store who should be able to give you advice on which products are best to help get rid of your pest problem. You should also let your housing officer or PMO know if you do find pests in your home or in any communal areas. You can contact your housing officer or PMO by logging into My Account.