Where we are responsible for communal repairs, which is defined under the terms of individual lease and tenancy, we look after entrances, halls, lifts, communal TV aerials, stairways, passageways, rubbish chutes, lighting, door entry systems, communal letter boxes, paving, paths and decking in communal areas or balconies and other parts provided for common use. They may also be carried out on fencing and to other external structures which are the responsibility of NHG as the landlord.

Some communal repairs in the same scheme/group of properties might be collated to be completed together. In such cases, they would not be completed within the usual target. We will inform you when we do this and the revised timescale for completion.

We will work with contractors to gain access to the building when planning to carry out identified repairs in the communal areas.

We carry out some repairs to communal areas as part of its cyclical works programme, rather than as a responsive repair service.

In supported housing schemes, this will also include any fixtures, fittings or facilities provided to you as part of the service contract.