Planned maintenance

Appointed contractors carry out planned work such as painting the outside of your property or replacing kitchen units as part of our planned and cyclical maintenance programmes.

To keep your building in a good state of repair, we repaint external woodwork (such as windows, doors, fascia and soffit board), painted render and shared / communal areas on a regular basis. We also carry out repairs to the outside of the property and inspect and repair roofs if necessary.

When non-urgent repairs arise, we may decide to wait and include them in future planned or cyclical maintenance programmes.

  • Gas safety checks for tenants

    If you have gas appliances in your home, Notting Hill Genesis will carry out a gas safety check every year. One of our approved contractors who is a Gas Safe registered engineer will attend your home. The check will normally take 20-30 minutes, but this can vary depending on what gas appliances you have and whether any issues are found. The engineer will check your boiler, gas pipework, flues, radiators and hot water cylinders. If you have a gas cooker or a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm, these will also be visually checked by the engineer.

    Notting Hill Genesis are required by law to complete these checks every year and keep you, your family and your neighbours safe from the risk of a CO leak or gas explosion.

    When will I be contacted?

    The law requires the gas safety checks to be completed before the expiry date of the previous certificate. Therefore, contractors on behalf of NHG will contact you up to nine weeks before your current safety check’s expiry date.

    NHG’s contractors will write to you about an appointment. Please contact them if this appointment is not convenient. If they are unable to gain access to your property to complete the check and/or get in contact with you, they will send another appointment letter and try and gain access at a later date. If they are unable to gain access at a second appointment and when your current gas safety certificate reaches the 4-5 week before expiry mark, your property will be referred back to NHG. NHG will then attempt to contact you by phone, email and letter.

    This diagram shows the process NHG follows when unable to gain access for gas safety check beginning with the first appointment letter.

    What do I need to do before the appointment?

    • Make sure you have enough credit if you have a pre-payment gas and/or electric meter for the safety check to be completed
    • Ensure that your boiler, gas meter and hot water cylinder (if you have one) are easily accessible
    • Please make arrangements so any pets and young children are not in the areas where the engineer needs to work 

    What do I do if I smell gas?

    If you think you can smell gas, you should:

    • Call the National Grid Emergency Line immediately on 0800 111 999
    • Open doors and windows
    • Do not smoke or light matches
    • Do not turn electrical switches on or off
    • Turn off the meter at the control handle unless the meter is in a cellar or basement

    Read more about keeping your home safe.

  • Living on an estate

    Making sure that your buildings are in good order is very important to us. If you are living on an estate, you can expect us to carry out regular inspections and maintenance. Your housing officer or PMO will be a regular presence on your estate and can answer any questions or concerns you might have.

    Regular inspections & maintenance

    We carry out regular estate inspections of all the buildings we manage. You’re welcome to accompany your housing officer or PMO on these inspections.

    When carrying out inspections of communal areas, we:

    • Make sure that the estate is being cleaned and maintained to a satisfactory standard
    • Identify and report any communal repairs
    • Make sure that there are no health and safety risks.

    Dates and times of inspections should be displayed in the shared areas of your building. You can also contact your housing officer or PMO via My Account to find out when they will next be inspecting your building, or for more information.

    When an urgent, non-routine issue arises, we:

    • Refer the issue to the appropriate contractor
    • In the case of large or dangerous hazards, we contact the appropriate emergency services.


    Please give us feedback about the regular cleaning services, grounds maintenance and gardening on your estate, to help us ensure that our contractors deliver the satisfactory service you pay for.


    Grounds maintenance service on your estate survey

    Cleaning services on your estate survey

    You can also email us at to give feedback.

    By getting in touch you'll help us to identify issues that we can raise with our cleaning and grounds contractors, and give praise where it's due.

    You can complete a survey as often as you wish – weekly, monthly or quarterly; it's entirely up to you.