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Love where you live

Whichever type of home you live in, we're here to support you when it comes to repairs, bills, benefits or even getting involved to help improve our services.


If you're already living in one of our homes, you can find useful information in this section about rent, repairs and maintenance, moving home and more. 

Which type of resident am I?

We provide a variety of housing to a wide range of people, in different situations and with varying needs. Find the situation that applies to you in the descriptions below.

  • Homeowner

    If you've bought a property with us through Shared Ownership, private sale or resale, you're a homeowner (also called 'leaseholder'). You have a lease with terms that establish our relationship as landlord and tenant.

    If you're a Shared Owner, you have the opportunity to buy more shares in your home – also known as 'staircasing' – until you own it 100%, unless your lease restricts you from doing so.

  • General needs housing tenant

    You're a general needs housing tenant if you've come to us through your local council because you found yourself in a difficult situation and in need of a low-cost home. You can live independently but cannot currently afford to pay market rent levels. Read more about our general needs housing offer.

  • Temporary housing tenant

    Your home is owned by a private landlord but we manage your tenancy and the property. Read more about temporary housing.

  • Supported tenant

    You're living in a home where support is available to you, and you were referred to us directly by your local council.

  • Community housing tenant

    You live in a home managed by Notting Hill Community Housing. This is a new service, which is currently running as a pilot. You’re part of a lower-income working household and cannot easily access social housing. Find out more about community housing.

  • Folio London renter

    If you found a property through Folio London, you're renting privately with us (paying a 'market rent'). You can manage your tenancy through the Folio London website.

  • Co-op community

    You live in a home managed by a co-op community. Your landlord is Notting Hill Housing Trust and you pay rent directly to the Co-op who manages the property on its behalf. You live in a socially rented home and are a member of the co-op community.

Existing residents please log in to your My Account (or register if you haven’t already) to carry out a range of tasks day or night, from contacting your housing officer or PMO, raise a repair or check the status of an existing repair to making a complaint or compliment.

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