Heating and hot water system

Modern flats are built with a lot of equipment within them. There are two systems which residents of The Exchange should be aware of.

Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery
Your flats ventilation system, known as a mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) unit, provides fresh filtered air into your flat whilst retaining most of the energy that has already been used in heating your home.

Maintenance - As the MHVR unit is demised to your flat, in line with your lease or tenancy, you are responsible for the maintenance of this system. MVHRs require very little maintenance, but we recommend that you clean your filters (by vacuuming them) at least once a month.

Heat interface unit
The heat interface unit (HUI) in your flat acts as a bridge between the central boiler in the communal plant room and the hot water outlets such as showers, radiators and taps in your home.

Maintenance – The HIU in your home is retained by us as part of the heat network system and a service is organised by Orka. If you are yet to have your HIU serviced in 2023, please contact Orka on 020 8261 7321 or email them on reactive@orkabs.com. They will offer you the next available appointment.

Morning appointments are between 9am and midday and afternoon appointments are between 1 and 5pm.

The service will take around an hour and the engineer will require access to your HIU. Please ensure the area around it is clear. Someone over the age of 18 also needs to be present. As part of the service Orka will be assessing if your HIU needs replacing.