The Exchange: Gardening on the estate

Gardening schedule 

Four operatives from our contractors Just Ask attend The Exchange to undertake gardening work 19 times a year. Between April and October, they attend once a fortnight and between November and March, they attend once a month.

During the winter season (November to March), they typically undertake the following services:

  • The collection and disposal of leaf fall in any of the areas for grass cutting, hedge and bush maintenance, planted areas or the ground maintenance of access ways as specified below and shall form part of the Contract Works.
  • Any loose gravel and hard surface areas including car parks are to be raked evenly and have moss/weed treatment.
  • Cut low hanging branches and any basal growth up to a height of two metres from trees.
  • Ensure hedges and shrubs are cut at least once every three months and reduced to maintainable height, ensuring they look well presented.
  • Check there is no litter, chewing gum or debris on bin store floor.
  • Cut back all overhanging shrubs, trees, vegetation etc as appropriate to prevent or remove encroachment onto access ways, and to prevent or remove obstruction to light or windows of buildings at the scheme.
  • Ensure that access ways are clear and unobstructed by removing obstacles such as shopping trolleys, bikes, toys etc to a safe position that will not cause obstruction.
  • Ensure that all surface water drains, gullies etc. are clear of debris, vegetation leaves etc. to allow the free flow of water.
  • Ensure all paths, unadopted roads, and service areas are swept and litter collected using an appropriate brush, and during inclement weather such as snow, ice etc, paths are gritted or cleared by instruction.
  • By the end of February, the team will also ensure that all soil in beds is turned over and complete any edging required to differentiate grassed areas and where each bed starts from.