The Exchange: Fire safety information

The Exchange was designed to follow a stay put safety model.

Stay-put policies are recommended by fire brigades for purpose-built blocks that are designed to contain fires. If the fire is not in your home, but another part of the building, your will be safer staying in your home unless the heat or smoke is affecting you. Homes with a stay-put policy are designed to hold back flames for 30 minutes.

To ensure that all residents remain safe, and that the stay-put policy works correctly please ensure you follow the fire safety points below

  1. Don't store items in communal riser cupboards, in the communal hallways or any other communal areas - these will be removed if you do so.
  2. Don't have any combustible materials on balconies or terraces - this includes additional fencing or screening that wasn't present at installation.
  3. All barbeques are prohibited.

Combustible materials that should not be store on balconies include paddling pools, e-scooters or other flammable material like bamboo fencing, plastic plants or planting with flammable soil. If you have any of these on your balcony, please remove them immediately.

What to do if there is fire or smoke in your home

If there is a fire or smoke in your home, get everyone out and leave the building as calmly as possible, closing the door behind you. Do not use the lift to make your way out of the building. Once you’re outside, call 999.

To find out more about fire safety please see links below: