The onsite team have noticed that there are some commonly asked questions from a number of residents across the development. With this in mind we’ve created this FAQ section, so you always have the answer to hand to some of the most common requests. Questions and answers will be added over time.

How can I gain access to my meter reading?

Paulo, the concierge, will be able to provide you with your meter reading. When required, head over to the concierge area and he will open the riser cupboard so that you can get the meter reading that you need.

I have lost my fob and/or the keys to the bin store. How can I get a new set of each?

Getting a new fob is an easy process, simplified further through the use of your My Account portal. First log into My Account and click on payments > new payment > replacement key or fob.

The charge for a new fob or key is £25 each. Once you have paid for the replacement key or fob via My Account, email notifying us that you need a new key or fob, alongside your confirmation of payment.

We will handle everything from there onwards and will let you know when your new fob/key is ready. Please be aware that if the concierge doesn’t have any keys or fobs on site, we will need to order them or get a key cut for you which may take a little bit of time.

I am having issue with my HIU who do I contact about looking into this?

All the HIU’s across the development are maintained by Orka. Should you have any issues with your HIU please contact Orka directly and they will do all they can to assist you.

You can call Orka on 020 8261 7321. You can also reach them via email at Their call centre is open 24 hours a day.

I can see that someone has gained unauthorised access to a building or the bin stores, what should I do?

Do not approach the individual and call 101 to report it. If it is an emergency situation or any form of criminal damage has occurred call 999 immediately and report it.

What is my responsibility as a leaseholder?

For those of you that own your home at The Exchange, you can learn more about your responsibilities as a leaseholder in our leasehold customer guide.

How can I get a parking permit for a visitor or a relative?

If you ever need a parking permit, you can approach the concierge and request one for the duration of that day.

I’m looking to sell my property how do I get a management pack?

Send an email to and notify your PMO of your intention to sell your property. Your PMO will then ask you if you require a management pack. If the answer is yes, they will then formulate a pack for you and send it back to you once ready.

I would like a copy of my building insurance how can I get this?

We require the leaseholder to confirm additional information to show correctly on the insurance documentation. Please log on to My Account and complete the form under the insurance query, alternatively please provide your PMO with the information below and they can complete the request for you.

• Names of owner(s)
• Property address
• Current occupancy status (e.g. Main residence, buy to let, second or holiday home)
• Ownership basis (e.g. shared-ownership/100% owned)

As a leaseholder, how do I request a landlord certificate?

You can request a landlord certificate by emailing the estate email address:

Your property management officer will then prepare the documents and send the certificate back to you within four weeks. Please note, only leaseholders can make this request.