Progress Update

Ardmore continue to work on all blocks with the exception of Halo Tower and Warton House.

Generally the works have been progressing well however we have faced some delays in striking scaffold/crash decks for various reasons such as snagging/QA checks taking longer than anticipated on some elevations, subcontractor availability and changes in works sequence.

We apologise for the changes in sequencing and delays, we are trying our best to stick to programme timelines and these changes should not affect overall EWS1 dates.

Sapphire Court

We have been informed by Ardmore that the works are progressing well and they will complete Sapphire Court (Block G only- closest to Bridgewater Road) in December. Once practical completion is achieved, our appointed Fire Engineer will issue an EWS1 form for the building.

Further elevation by elevation updates for Sapphire Court can be found on the following link.

stratford-halo-project-update-27-november-2023-sapph.pdf (

Works are continuing on Elevation 1,2 and 3 of Ruby/Opal/Amber Courts. We believe the rain screen cladding works to Elevation 1 and 2 will be completed earlier than the completion date added to the microsite tracker. However elevation 3 works have taken longer due to delayed start and structural approval required for the crash deck and cradle access on some parts of this elevation was more complicated due to the tight areas around some balconies, which is why the works were delayed on this part of the elevation.

The scaffold strike has begun on Elevation 3. Further updates relating to Ruby/Amber/Opal courts can be found on the link below.

stratford-halo-project-update-27-november-2023-opal.pdf (

Block B Warton House

Following expert investigations, we have received reports from Ardmore that no additions/changes are required to the original scope. The investigation reports have been sent to NHG consultants for a review and in the meantime a new programme is being prepared for this block which will be uploaded on the microsite in the next couple weeks.

Block A Halo Tower

There have been discussions ongoing in relation to the final scope of works for the tower. The fire engineers from both sides are still assessing the risk and the potential remediation solution. We received Ardmore’s report on this and we have requested them to provide proposal based on the recommendations.

Site impact noise and smoking areas

We have received reports from residents regarding increase in noise and a lot more staff congregating together in the smoking areas. This has been reported to Ardmore who have advised that we have a lot more labour on site and are working on 18-20 cradles, whereas we only had 4 cradles on C/D/E before. We are working on 3 elevations at the same time on blocks C/D/E alone which means there will be more noise and impact on residents. We apologise for this inconvenience and the on site staff have been reminded not to start works before 8am.

Cleaning Windows

ACL will be cleaning the working areas and new cladding panels that are being installed before they strike cradle/crash decks. However the usual window cleaning by maintenance team will not resume until all the cladding works are complete.


The original lights on walkway by elevation 2 where ACL have installed their hoarding are working, one light however had a fault which has now been fixed.

Ardmore have also ordered 3 projector lights but are waiting on delivery, as soon as the new lights are delivered ACL will install this by elevation 2 walkway to increase the lighting in the area.









Last Updated: 01/12/2023 09:50