Programme Update

We initially had a programme that was proposed for both blocks A and B. This has now been split out for the two blocks as we have been dealing with separate issues affecting progression.

Block A- We have had a long period of re-design and structural review in relation to the gantry. The weight of the gantry structure was deemed too heavy for that area with the original designs, so we have had to redesign this to include some back propping in the underground area which is now complete. The programme is currently being worked on and we expect this in the coming week(s). Once reviewed, this will be shared with you on the microsite.

There is the potential that these works may take longer than the other blocks, which is why we haven’t issued any final site clearance date as we need to incorporate the Block A’s end date.

Block B-   In relation to the issues raised here, we have carried out a number of surveys which include opening up and there is currently a proposal with Ardmore’s insurers for review of the scope of works before they can fully commit to the programme.  We do hope to have this in the coming weeks.

Post Meeting Note

We continue to endeavour to reduce the time and impact on site as much as possible. In recent weeks Ardmore have been reviewing the programme and structural elements of the site and have now determined with their engineers that additional cradles can be utilised. This will allow them to complete that main works to elevations at a quicker rate. It will not impact the planned installation of cladding to the current active elevations, however, to carry out these works, resources will be focussed on cradle works therefore some high-level spandrel works planned will be altered or postponed to support this.  

Due to this development, they are proposing that they commence works on elevations 1 and 2 of Ruby and Opal starting in July. This is several months ahead of programme. We apologise if this acceleration is an inconvenience to some residents, however for the benefit of the entire site the decision has been made to accept this change and progress with the works to elevations concurrently. Making this decision will mean that we can complete the main recladding works slightly earlier and we are discussing with our Fire Engineers the possibility of gaining a favourable EWS1 ahead of schedule. These changes will be updated on the microsite with accurate dates in the coming week. Further letters of comfort will be drafted and uploaded also to reflect any change in EWS1 dates.

Building Safety Microsite

We have opted to use this site to ensure that all information is accessible to all residents and that no emails would be missed on any important notices. All project information will be uploaded to the site, and this should be the main reference point for residents seeking information regarding the project.

The pages will all be updated as required with new information, except for the Remediation sequence of work which we will update on a weekly basis.

Remediation tracker - sequence of works

Please notice the drop-down option where you can find your specific elevations updates and progress reports. We will update this on a weekly basis as works progress.

Resident notices

This is where we will share immediate/urgent notices regarding movement or changes on site and access requirements. Please check this regularly in case there are items that may affect you.

Resident Meeting Updates

Here you will find all the information that is discussed in our meetings under the month headings for those who are unable to join remotely.


Areas of Impact

We are working with the estate team on calculating the costs regarding the areas around site that have been affected since or during the contractors have been active on site. We are also having these negotiations with Ardmore and how we realistically put a figure to some of these elements based on the time and the usage impact on the following items:

  • Halo Car Park Shutters
  • Ruby Court Lift
  • Electricity and Water Usage
  • Pest Control
  • Windows
  • External Gardens / Areas.


We understand that there have been some issues with the agreement regarding some of the clauses included. We are currently discussing this with our legal team and will issue a formal response in due course.


Next resident meeting and Communication plan

Under the heading Communication Plan and Meeting Links the next meeting will be held Thursday 20th July 6pm-7pm.

The Microsoft teams meeting will be available on this page at least 48 hours prior.


NHG Contacts for direct enquires