Progress Update


Block B Warton House 

Following expert investigations, we have received reports from Ardmore that no additions/changes are required to the original scope. The investigation reports have been sent to NHG consultants for a review and in the meantime a new programme is being prepared for this block which will be uploaded on the microsite in the next couple weeks. 

Site Impact: noise and smoking areas 

We have received reports from residents regarding increased noise and more operatives congregating together in the smoking areas. This has been reported to Ardmore who have advised that we have more labour on site and more cradles which has increased the staff presence on site and noise. We apologise for this and are trying our best to minimise the disruption residents are experiencing. We are hoping that this surge will fast track the works as much as possible. 


We received response from residents that the walkway on elevation 2 on Warton Road by the main gate where DentaPrime is situated can get dark in the evenings.  Ardmore have ordered 3 projector lights which have been delivered and an electrician has completed the installation of the new projector lights. 






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January FAQs

Q1. As a new leaseholder who’s recently moved in, could you please give a quick overview on the scope of the project and the changes being made? 

There have been discussions ongoing in relation to the final scope of works for the tower. Originally the scope was to replace the insulation behind the spandrel panels with a new mineral wool insulation. However, this is being reviewed to consider a better remediation strategy such as improving the current sprinkler system. The fire engineers from both sides are still assessing the risk and the potential remediation solution. We received Ardmore’s report on this and we have requested them to provide proposal based on the recommendations. We haven’t received this yet but are pushing it to be issued to NHG as soon as possible.

Q2. What are the proposed timelines in terms of start and completion?

Once the final scope has been agreed, Ardmore will need to provide a programme which will be shared with the residents.

Q3. What are the negative implications with regards to living conditions? Eg scaffolding, reduced insulation, noise disturbance etc

Noise will be the biggest factor when erecting the mast climbers, however the actual works we do not expect to be too noisy as it will not involve any drilling of rails or new panels, it will simply be

Q4. Will there be/is there any financial (or other types) of compensation made available to residents for this?

There will be no compensation payments for the works to Halo Tower. NHG policy is that we will consider compensation where cladding has been removed entirely to one or more facades of the building and the remediation project has not progressed in the six-month period following the removal of the cladding material.

Q5. Are there any implications on service charge? If so, what is the rough estimate and when will finalisations be communicated?

As far as I’m aware the window cleaning works which is service chargeable have been put on hold until the remediation works are complete. The residents should not be charged for window cleaning during this period.

Q6. Will there be any issues accessing the underground car park at any point?

Ardmore’s Structural Engineer review concluded that the Gantry around the Tower will need to be back-propped and supported from the underground car park due to the weight. Some of this work has been completed and as the Gantry is wrapped around the Tower we may need to add additional support however this should not affect access to the car park and we have not been informed of any parking bay suspensions at this stage. We will try to.

Q7. What is the U-value of the original soffits (area between Ruby/ Amber) build up and what is being installed? (In other words my floor building up down to exterior cladding)

This is currently being reviewed with Ardmore and our consultant teams. We will provide further information once the review process has been completed.

Q8. Has there been any progress on the contractor’s contribution to the service charges (both past, present and future wear and tear on the estate due to their presence)? Will this list and how these have been reached be presented to residents?  

We are still collecting this information and working with Danielle’s team. She has already engaged with the relevant people to obtain the costs which we expect to have by mid Jan. We will then liaise with Ardmore to recover the costs.

Q9. Since the program is once again not being followed, overall, what is the finish dates for Amber/Ruby/ Opal Court?

We expect Amber/Ruby/Opal Courts to be completed by May 2024. The Fire engineer has advised that they can issue the EWS1 on a block-by-block basis, meaning some blocks may receive the EWS1 sooner.

Q10. There is approximately a 1-inch gap at the bottom of the panels on the Ruby/Opal under croft- is this deliberate?

This is a ventilated system and will have gaps around the panels and soffits. This is per design. 




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