Microsite Updates

The Notting Hill Genesis resident website has been updated and these changes have also updated our Stratford Halo Microsite. Some changes and improvements have been made to the website lay-out and visually looks different.  The tabs have been moved to the bottom of the page, however all information remains the same as before and will be uploaded at the same frequency.

Please note that not all information has migrated over to the new site, however our IT team are working on this.

Project update

Elevation 1

Elevation 2

Elevation 3

The rainscreen cladding works to this elevation have been complete and are undergoing QA process

We previously shared the original completion date as 26th March. We are ahead of program and are looking to complete by the end of February. Ardmore are currently working on the decking replacement and the final panel installation.

This will be completed by the end of the month. All outstanding works to the low-level sections involves the connection of the soffits to the under croft. This section will take another few weeks to be completed


Part of Sapphire Court has been completed and fire engineer is in process of providing the related EWS1 forms. Ardmore are now working on the spandrel panels for the high level areas. Once this is complete, there are no further works required.

Block A

Block B

Ardmore have provided the proposals which are being reviewed by the fire engineers.

NHG are waiting for feedback from fire engineers. Programme will be updated as soon as possible.


NHG have requested Ardmore to review the scope following Fire Engineer advice.

New Scope and programme to be updated by Ardmore.


NHG Contacts for direct enquires


Next Resident Meeting

We have planned the next resident meeting for Thursday 21st March 2024. The link will be available at least 48 hours prior on the microsite.

Best Regards

Omar Khan - Project Manager

February Resident Questions

Q1. When EWS1 form to be issued?

Answer- By end of May we should be able to provide EWS1 form for Ruby, Opal and Amber 

Q2.  What is the new ‘U’ value and how does this impact on selling properties?

Answer- we have been working on gathering the relevant information and get a response to this query. We will need to look into the query regarding EPC and confirm whose responsibility it is to undertake this for the property.

Q3. Are you saying we won’t have the updated programme until March for Block A?

Answer- Omar advised that we are reviewing the proposal and once it has been agreed we can move forward. If fire engineers happy with the proposal, we should have a start date or programme as soon as possible.

Q4. When will the service charge costs be issued finalised impact on estate from Ardmore?

Answer- The estates team has advised this should be completed towards the end of February.

Q5. Who is the best person to speak to regarding the compensation queries?

Answer- Residents can still send all compensation related queries to the designated mailbox StratfordHaloCompensation@nhg.org.uk which is still being monitored. Jenny, who has taken over from Kerrie, also receives these queries.

 Q6. For these living adjacent to the Tower, are there any fire risks that could impact these residents and their home?

Answer- The competent people are reviewing the proposal and reviewing all the relevant risk assessments that need to be completed. This will then be checked and authorised before any remediation works  commence.

Q7. My balcony is chipped due to the cradles. How is this going to be repaired?

Answer- Ardmore advised this is due to rust and they have not taken and liability for the balconies. Omar is speaking with internal teams to see what steps we can take to carry out repairs. If you have been affected by this, please send all pictures to with your contact details and address.

Q8. Round stickers have been left on the balcony doors by Ardmore.  Will these be cleaned/removed as part of the final clean?

Answer- Once works have been completed, Ardmore will be carrying out full clean to the external of the building. Ardmore will remove and clean the areas where they have put up notices.

Q9. Warton house is not weather proofed, is that going to be done?

Answer- The scope for Warton house is being reviewed and we are awaiting proposal and programme from Ardmore.  We will communicate the programme of works as soon as possible.

Q10. If works are carried out to the Tower and Warton, will they need full use of the courtyard?

Answer- It is unlikely Ardmore will require the courtyard space for works to Halo Tower and Warton House. So the site areas occupied by Ardmore will significantly be reduced following completion of Blocks Opal,Ruby,Amber and Sapphire. New site layout plans will be issued to residents when works start to Halo tower and Warton House.

Q11. There are paint spills around the site, when will these be cleaned?

Answer- We will discuss with Ardmore and arrange for it to be investigated and arrange a clean-up of the area.

Q12. Regarding some of the cladding on Sapphire Court coming off, when will this be investigated and fixed?

Answer- Ardmore are looking to get it fixed as soon as possible and will be arranging access. Ardmore have confirmed  this will be completed in March.



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