Programme Update

Previously we informed residents that we are working on accelerating the progression of the cladding works. One way of doing that was to add additional cradles onto the elevations. We had previously received sign offs allowing us to use more cradles than we had previously on blocks C,D,E,F & G, resulting in a total of 18 cradles on site. This has meant that we are progressing quickly, with Sapphire Court cladding works almost completed, and we have managed to start some elevations in Opal and Ruby earlier than originally programmed. Elevation three was slightly delayed, but the contractors started working on other elevations in the meantime. We are updating all progress on a weekly basis on the ‘Programme Tracker’ page on the micro-site.
There have been changes regarding start and end dates on the weekly tracker for some of the planned works, and we have been commenting on those changes and the reasons for them. On occasion Ardmore must rely on third parties and their availabilities to fulfil necessary requirements. We are trying our best to keep within the current programme dates that we have shared with you. We understand the inconvenience this may cause residents, and we are trying to minimise these changes as much as possible.
It has been brought to our attention, that there are some days where the cradles are not being fully utilised, and we have been discussing this with Ardmore. They have advised that from now until the end of August during the holiday period there will be reduced labour, however they are in the process of procuring a new team of operatives to fill those spaces. We expect there to be a slight impact on the programme, but we're trying to minimise that as much as possible and will update you in these instances. We have asked that Ardmore revise the dates to account for the labour impact and we expect this in early Aug. Once we receive these dates we will update them on the weekly programme tracker
Whilst there is reduced labour, the focus will be on the rain screen cladding works, to ensure that this work is completed as soon as possible. This means that the works to the Spandrel panels and Soffits installations may be delayed. The intention is to maximise the resources working on the cradles to get the elevations finished. This is to ensure that we're utilising the current set up and we are getting through these elevations before we reach the colder months.
In relation to block A and B, since our last meeting we tasked Ardmore to produce an overall programme which they submitted, however, we are still waiting for the report from their Fire Engineers and Insurers before we can proceed. This has been escalated as it is now several months overdue. Once we have this report, we can fully confirm that the scope of works we are working to is complete including timeframes.

EWS1 Rating
The fire engineers have informed us that they will be issuing these on a block-by-block basis at the earliest point. They have also advised that this can only be done once the Spandrel panels works are completed. We are working with the fire engineers to get the final dates of issue. If there are any changes on the issue dates, we will advise you via the micro-site.
Landlord Certificates
For any residents who are exploring mortgage options we are happy to continue to help with the with any lender queries and produce any landlord certificates.

Next Resident Meeting

Under the heading ‘Communication Plan and Meeting Links’ the next meeting will be held Thursday 7th September 6pm-7pm

The Microsoft teams meeting will be available on this page at least 5 working days prior.
for any questions that you may have and want addressed at these meetings please send them via the e-mail to and those queries will be picked up.

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