Stratford Halo: EWS1 updates

EWS1 update and 2nd compensation payment

As some of you may be aware, the EWS1 certificates are being issued.  Email notifications will start to go out in relation to the second compensation payment. These calculations will be from the 1st April 2023 to the date the EWS1 was issued. This payment will be calculated for all of those who have already signed and returned the memorandum of agreement. The agreement states the following.

  • ‘A second payment will be due once the cladding has been reinstated to the exterior of [Block Name] as outlined in the attached agreement.
  • ‘Notting Hill Genesis agrees to pay you a weekly payment of 10% of the equivalent daily rate at Market Rent for each day without cladding to the date the cladding is intended to be reinstated. This payment will be made for a maximum period of 18 months or until the completion of all remedial works consisting of the removal of the combustible external wall system to Amber Court, Ruby Court, Opal Court, Sapphire Court, Lapis Mews & Warton House and replacement with a non-combustible external wall system that have been instructed at Stratford Halo (whichever comes first). The second payment will be once the cladding has been reinstated, to the bank account nominated below at paragraph eight. Notting Hill Genesis will have overall discretion as to when it deems the works to be complete and it will notify you when it is satisfied the works are complete within 14 days of completion.’

As stated in the agreement, upon signing the memorandum means the 2nd payment will be paid automatically with no further requirements from the residents. However, should you still have any queries, please contact When the EWS1 certificates are available they will be available via SharePoint; EWS1 Forms - EWS1 Forms - All Documents (  

EWS1 Assistance

We have supplied you with a Letter of Comfort that you can present to banks and lenders. This should give reassurances regarding the remediation works and confirm you have no responsibility for costs. We understand that in some instances the banks require more than this. If you need assistance now, please reach out and advise what your lenders have requested, and we can help on a one-to-one basis to unlock these transactions. This offer is regardless of who you bank with

Please see below the dates we plan to issue the EWS1 certificates for each block.

Date EWS1 will be issued Revised EWS1 issue date
Block C, Amber Court January 2024 February 2024
Block D, Ruby Court March 2024 April 2024
Block E, Opal Court May 2024 No Change
Block F, Sapphire court December 2023 May 2024
Block G, Sapphire court December 2023 May 2024


Please see the link here for more details on the general EWS1 process, EWS1 process explained.

Additionally, we can further support leaseholders by providing a Landlord Deed of Certificate, which will go hand-in-hand with the Letter of Comfort. The certificate is designed to assure residents of the protections in place for remediation costs, confirming that all leases are protected from recharging over relevant items.

To request this, you should follow the instructions on the government’s dedicated webpage. Download and complete the Leaseholder Deed of Certificate and then send the completed form to your property management officer. For more information, you can check out the government’s FAQs.

Please see the further EWS1 dates below;


Works Completion date

EWS1 Date

Sapphire Court (Blocks F&G)


Week Commencing 10 June 2024

Amber, Ruby & Opal (Blocks C,D & E)


Week Commencing 24 June 2024


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