Information for everyone

Last updated: 04/11/2020 at 4.45pm

Impact of lockdown

Many of you are understandably concerned about how the new national lockdown starting on Thursday 5 November will affect you in your current circumstances.

The hotels sourced by us have confirmed that they will remain open for you and will not ask any of you to leave. Similarly, our removals company are already operating in a Covid-19 secure way and will be able to carry out moves to post-hotel accommodation during the lockdown period.

Your caseworker will continue to support you to move during the lockdown period once suitable alternative accommodation has been identified.

Your caseworker

Everyone has a named caseworker. They have already worked with you on your immediate move and will continue to support you to find longer-term solutions. Your caseworker is your main point of contact. They are available during normal office hours and can be contacted by phone or email. They can also arrange online face-to-face sessions or meet you in person if necessary in line with Covid-19 guidance.

Now that everyone is safely offsite, we will discontinue the generic phone number and email address from Friday 6 November so please contact your caseworker directly.

Why we’ve asked you to move

Your safety is our priority. We recently received new advice from our appointed engineers that has raised significant fire safety and structural concerns. This advice follows a series of more extensive safety checks to better understand the fire safety protection measures built into Paragon. In light of those findings, our advisers told us that the safest approach was to move everyone out.

Immediate arrangements

Most of you have moved to local hotels sourced by us. Your hotel is available until Monday 16 November, but we can extend your stay if you need more time to move to longer-term accommodation.

If you are staying in one of the hotels we sourced, we’ll pay for your room and breakfast and a daily allowance per head of £30 if you are in room with no cooking facilities. We’ll also pay you £15 a week for laundry costs. If you’ve found your own accommodation, we’ll give you £100 a day per property until 16 November or until your move into longer-term accommodation (whichever is sooner). You will receive those payments weekly in advance on Tuesdays for that week (Monday to Sunday).

Office accommodation

We realise that many of you will be working from home due to the pandemic and that a hotel room might not be suitable for that. You are welcome to use our office in Hammersmith for work if you would find that helpful. The Hammersmith office has been made Covid-19 secure.

Access and security arrangements

Paragon will be protected by security personnel from Bouygues 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure your belongings are kept safe. Bouygues have four personnel in block B – a guard on each of the three entry doors and one patrolling the floors. Block A has a guard on the main door.

To continue to ensure everyone’s safety and protect your belongings, we need to control access to the site and your homes. We will be restricting fob access to your building from Friday 6 November.

Your caseworker will be able to arrange access for you to pick up additional items. Please talk to them at least 24 hours in advance of when you want to attend – so by 5pm for access the next day. We cannot guarantee same day access but will endeavour to cater for emergency requests as we receive them. If you need access over the weekend please alert your caseworker by 3pm on Friday at the latest. 

Utilities, council tax and post

You will be charged for your electricity up until 19 October 2020, unless bills are included in your rent. We’ll absorb the costs for any days that you remained in your home after 19 October. We have asked the supplier, Switch2, who provide your monthly bills, to ‘final bill’ your home up until 19 October and share digital copies of these bills with us. Switch2 will complete this work within two weeks, following which we will email you your final electricity bill to you.

If you pay your bill via Direct Debit, please do not cancel your direct debit; Switch2 will take your final payment and then the direct debit arrangement will be cancelled automatically.

If you pay your bill by another method, please pay it on receipt of your final bill.

If you have any questions about your bill, please continue to contact Switch2 as you have in the past, or email the NHG energy team.

We’ve arranged for your council tax charges at Paragon to cease from Monday 19 October. You will need to ensure you set up a new agreement with the council when you move into your new longer-term home.

Unfortunately, we were unable to redirect all mail going to Paragon to our office for forwarding on to you. You will need to instruct Royal Mail individually using the forms on their website. There is a cost involved and we will reimburse you for this. You are welcome to redirect your mail to us and we will forward it on to you, but it may be easier for you to ask a friend or family member to take your post for you. If you wish to redirect it to us the address is Notting Hill Genesis, Bruce Kenrick House, 2 Killick Street, London, N1 9FL. If you want us to be the point of contact for your post, please let your caseworker know the address we should send on to.

If you are being charged termination fees when cancelling things like broadband contracts, we’ve drafted a letter to use when contacting the companies involved. Speak to your case worker who will fill it in with you.

Your mental health and wellbeing

We understand that the news you’ve heard from us about the safety of your home and the need for you to leave it will have come as quite a shock. This is exacerbated by the generally unsettling times we are living in. During this difficult time, you may be experiencing increased levels of uncertainty, stress and anxiety.

We’ve set up access to Lifeworks, a confidential counselling service which allows you to talk through your worries with someone over the phone. This is a service for our staff, but we have arranged to extend it to Paragon residents for the next 12 months. It includes a telephone helpline for confidential advice, and provision for up to six face-to-face counselling sessions.

Advice and support on mental health, and related issues, can also be accessed via your GP, the NHS, Mind, and the  Mental Health Foundation.

At the end of your hotel stay

Your options following the end of your temporary accommodation will depend on whether you are a homeowner (leaseholder), rent from Notting Hill Genesis or rent from another landlord. Please follow the links to find more specific information.

We’ve appointed Restore Harrow Green to move your larger belongings to your new accommodation following your hotel stay. We’ll pay for the cost of your move - up to £750 for a studio or one bed and up to £1,000 for a two bed home.

If you plan to accept our offer of medium-term accommodation in Greenford Quay (see below), we will manage your move for you once your flat is ready. Your caseworker will discuss with you the delivery of your belongings. If you are moving elsewhere, you will need to contact Restore directly to organise a suitable time.

Restore Harrow Green contact details:
• Move manager Tina Thompson – email or call 020 7540 6572
• Jessica Boswell – email or call 020 7540 6514

Greenford Quay

Situated in Greenford in the London Borough of Ealing, Greenford Quay is situated beside the Grand Union Canal and just 30 minutes by tube to central London. It’s a good medium-term option if you need more time to find longer-term accommodation at the end of your hotel stay. Have a look at the the website to view its location on a map or our handout for some key journey times and routes from Paragon to Greenford Quay.

Example apartment videos
Click the links below to see an example of a studio, one bed and two bed apartment at Greenford Quay.

One bed apartment
Two bed apartment

View this video to get an idea of the building and its surroundings.

Grand Plaza

Grand Plaza serviced apartments feature contemporary design throughout and are conveniently located in Bayswater, W2 4AD. We’ve secured a deal with them to offer studios or apartments for two people, or two bed apartments for four people at the rates below. You can book and pay with them directly and we will cover the cost. There is no minimum tenancy period so is a good medium-term option for when you leave your hotel accommodation. We’ll also pay the housekeeping charge as well as the rental cost. Contact Grand Plaza directly to make a reservation or book a viewing.

• Studio or apartment for two people – £1,200 per apartment per month
• Two-bedroom apartment for four people – £1,800 per apartment per month (limited units only)