Programme Update

We did previously write to you with regarding the latest version of the programme. It has been challenging for us with the information that we have been given and sharing with yourselves not aligning with where we are currently on site.

We have attempted to accelerate the programme which has required a number of signoffs. It has brought up health and safety issues around crash decks, which meant that the original designs needed to be changed due to the increased heights, which is the reason why elevation three wasn’t started. In a pro-active attempt, Ardmore have moved to elevation four to keep momentum.

We are urgently trying to fix these issues, and this has been escalated with the senior management team at Ardmore. We are going to be workshopping with them about what we need to see from them and how we will move forward. We have agreed some dates set over the next few weeks to do this.

Quality Assurance Process

We have received a number of queries from you, regarding some issues with the quality of the work that has being carried out around site. For anything internal that you believe may be related to the cladding remediation works please continue to repot these issues as you have been doing. These reports are being logged and investigated. In some instances, we may not be able to issue an immediate repair, as the cladding may need to be resolved first, however these will be completed at the end of the project.

All external works carry a three-part QA process, typically as each element of work is completed on the façade the sub-contractor carrying out the work will carry out their assessments. Following this a joint assessment will be completed with Ardmore and lastly our appointed site inspectors will attend and carry out a review on the whole. It is only after these steps that each section of work can be signed off and works progress to the next phase.

Some of external elements that have been reported have not yet undergone all of the steps listed above and we ask you to bear with us as we move through these external quality assurance stages.


We can confirm that we have presented a compensation paper to our board. We have developed a policy that applies to Stratford Halo scheme, meaning residents here will be compensated.

We are currently finalising the details of this offer so that we can write to residents. We aim to be able to provide a further update in this towards the end of March 2023.

EWS1 Assistance

We are working with our appointed fire engineers to identify when this may be possible and keep you updated on the expected date of issue for the EWS1. The EWS1 form will be approved when the works are complete, but if we can achieve this sooner, we will update you.

If you require an updated letter of comfort, please reach out to your property management officer and this can be provided to you.

Next resident meeting and communication plan

From your feedback, we understand that our current methods are not working as well as we had hoped, and we are working on a better form of communication moving forward. To make sure that we are communicating with you from a platform that is reaching you efficiently and consistently.

We are going to commit to more days on-site conducting surgeries and walk-arounds. This will include Ardmore representatives and members of the housing and building safety teams being present to answer any questions you may have. We plan to start this process in the next few weeks.

We plan to meet with you again towards the end of March 2023 and will keep you posted on the details closed to the time. Please speak to Mark and Alyson as we are always happy for resident involvement and feedback.

NHG Contacts for direct enquires