Right to buy for tenants

Some tenants have a right to purchase their home. There are three schemes through which you may be able to buy the home you’re currently renting at a discounted price.

Right to Buy

Following the general election in May 2015, the government has announced that the Right to Buy scheme currently available to local authority tenants will be extended to housing association tenants.

We're waiting for details from the government about when this will start. From November 2015 five landlords are piloting the scheme and we expect to know when it will be available to all housing association tenants after this pilot ends.

What is Right to Buy?

Right to Buy was introduced by the government in the 1980s, allowing local authority residents to purchase their home from the council for the first time. This right is still in law today and allows council tenants to purchase their home from their landlord at a discounted rate.

Register your interest

You can sign up to receive updates from the government on the scheme.

Preserved Right to Buy

This scheme is only open to residents who were once local authority tenants and became NHG tenants through a stock transfer. Read more about the Preserved Right to Buy.

Right to Acquire

This scheme lets some tenants buy their home at a discount. It may be open to you if you have been a tenant for five or more years, have a good tenancy history and your property also meets the eligibility criteria. These depend on when NHG acquired your home and how this was funded. You can read more about the Right to Acquire on the government website.

If you're interested and think you might be eligible for any of these schemes, please contact your housing officer by logging in to My Account.