Replacing a smoke alarm battery

The smoke alarm will beep automatically when the battery is low. When this happens, you need to change the nine-volt battery.

How to change the battery

  1. Open the alarm by gently removing the cover
  2. Unclip the existing battery from its connection and retaining clip
  3. Clip the new battery firmly into place, making sure you put it in the same way as the one you've taken out. The (+) and (-) signs on the battery must match up with the (+) and (-) signs on the alarm
  4. Close the alarm and test the smoke alarm by pressing and holding the test button.

Testing a smoke alarm

To check if an existing battery is working, press and hold the test button. If the alarm does not beep, check that the male (+) and female (-) terminals of the battery are correctly fitted into their opposite connections.

If the smoke alarm still does not work, change the battery.

You should test the smoke alarm at least once every three months and make sure the vents are clear.