Alterations and improvements

If you wish to carry out any alteration or home improvement you should first contact your PMO via My Account. Your PMO will assess whether you need permission, who from, and if the lease allows us to grant permission or there are good reasons for permission to be refused. You cannot carry out any alteration or improvement until you have written permission from the appropriate person.

Unfortunately, when there is an absolute covenant prohibiting a type of alteration (i.e., structural alterations or additions to the property) then we cannot provide permission and will not alter a lease to remove the covenant. This is because the terms of other leases in the building prevent us from removing the probation from another lease.

How do I apply for alterations or improvements?

  1. Check the terms of your lease to see if written permission can be granted for the works you have in mind.
  2. Contact your property management officer (PMO) via My Account to let them know about the work you plan to do and provide the required documentation.
  3. You may need to provide other information if the work would affect the structure of the building, is extensive, needs planning permission or involves building control.
  4. Your PMO will assess your application and let you know whether or not permission can be granted. If further documents are required you will be informed at this stage.

How much will it cost?

We charge a non-refundable administration fee of £75 to process your request for permission for alterations or improvements.

If a surveyor needs to review your application, you may need to pay their additional fees to assess the application and for any subsequent inspection required. There may also be legal costs and fees involved.

Do I need to seek anyone else’s permission too?

If you need planning permission or other type of building consent, you must apply for and pay for that permission or consent before we can consider your application.

Where there is a superior landlord to Notting Hill Genesis it is likely that their consent must also be granted. If that is the case you must seek their consent by fulfilling any criteria they set and make payment of any fees which are due. You should be aware that this will often lengthen the process of being granted consent.

If your application is successful you will be able to carry out the alteration or improvement to your home.

Download our guide to carrying out alterations or improvements.