18 Sept 2023

Revitalising Grahame Park

As part of our work to improve the physical environment and provide socio-economic opportunities for local people on Grahame Park, we will be demolishing the concourse in 2027. This is the through-way which is home to a range of shops and community organisations.

At the moment around 60% of the commercial units are either vacant or used for storage/back-office activity. This means the shutters are down with old signage above the units, which gives the impression of the area being unloved.

Between now and 2027, in partnership with Barnet Homes and Barnet Council, we are delivering a programme that will improve the condition, safety, and appearance of the concourse for the benefit of the community. To do this we have already secured £24k of external funding.

For phase one of the programme, we identified six units on the concourse for revitalisation. All of the old signage has been removed and the shutters have been repainted in bright and vibrant colours, which align to the Heybourne Park brand -  the name of our regeneration project.

We have introduced new wayfinding and map signage across the estate, as the previous ones were either out of date or had been vandalised.

We have worked with two local artists, Michelle and Shane, to revamp the units' shutters. Michelle is an integral part of the community and Shane is a Grahame Park resident. Both have used the opportunity to both showcase their work while making a positive impact on the community.

We have turned one of the commercial spaces into a business incubator, where we help support local residents to nurture and grow their businesses.

What’s next

We are planning to move on to phase two of the concourse improvements which will include resurfacing the area. We’ll also be talking to residents and the local community about which shops they’d like to see in the area in the future.