Electric Vehicles 2024 NHG

20 Mar 2024

Our vehicle fleet is now all electric

Three years ago we set out to convert our fleet to zero emissions. This month our final non-electric vehicle has been replaced. 

As an organisation we are committed to being green. We aim to prioritise and embed environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles across all our business activities. 
We set out our vision for what our homes, green spaces and business will look like in 2030 and beyond in our sustainability strategy, and have made steady progress since we published our first ESG report in July 2021. 

For our own business operations, we’re seeking to meet net zero carbon by at least 2035, through reducing energy demand in our offices and increasing our use of low and zero carbon technologies. 

Having completed our all-electric fleet by recently taking receipt of the final electric vehicle, we’ve now achieved our target of electrifying our corporate vehicle fleet, as well as purchasing electricity from renewable sources. 

Our electric fleet now provides a cleaner, greener way to travel. Apart from the benefit to the environment, electric vehicles pay no congestion charge and are generally cheaper to run and maintain than petrol or diesel vehicles. Charging is trouble-free, taking between five and 10 hours to reach full capacity, and the vehicles are simple to plug in overnight when they are parked up at our offices. We even benefitted from a government grant which covered some of the cost of installing charging points at our offices. 

We will continue to reduce the environmental impact of our activities through effective management of our carbon emissions, energy use, resource use, and waste.