Love Where You Live Relaunched Nhg

09 Jul 2024

Love Where You Live fund – relaunch

The Love Where You Live fund, used to support community projects, has been extended to cover even more schemes.

Love Where You Live (LWYL) was launched in 2022, with a vision of supporting and improving the social and economic wellbeing of the communities we serve. We work together with charities and not-for-profit organisations, as well as voluntary tenants and residents associations (TRAs), to enhance the lives of our residents and a make positive impact in the communities they live in. 

What’s new?

  • Leasehold’s Thriving Communities fund is being merged with the LWYL fund from operations into one combined grant, increasing the budget to £130k.
  • There will be a quarterly panel, with a representative from each department, which reviews applications. This will have the added benefit of input and perspective from colleagues with a broad range of knowledge and experience on decision-making.
  • LWYL grants will align with social value initiatives and resident involvements’ community fund.
  • The small grant limit is now to up £1.5k to ensure all medium sized projects go through a more robust decision-making process.

The fund used to be solely for general needs but now it can cover all tenures – placeholding, leasehold and temporary housing. The only exclusion is supported housing, which has its own funds.

What kind of things does the fund cover?

The fund has already been used for 52 projects in 11 boroughs for community events, it can be used for anything that covers:

  • Financial resilience
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Safety/reducing anti-social behaviour and increasing community cohesion.
  • Enhancing our places

How can I apply?

Unfortunately residents cannot apply to the fund themselves – applications must come from an external organisation and large applications need one of our staff members as a sponsor.

Small projects needing a grant of under £1,500 can apply at any time and are reviewed regularly by the tenancy sustainment team. Applications can be made by housing officers, or tenant and resident associations directly for community events and small projects. 

Larger projects needing grants between £1,501 and £20,000 will have a project sponsor and an external partner to ensure the greatest chance of a successful project that significantly improve our residents’ community and wellbeing.

More information

Love Where You Live is more than just a fund. 

We want to make positive impact in the lives of our residents through partnership working, equity, and supporting them live well in their communities, incorporating objectives which align with our corporate and customer strategies.

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