Marathon 2024 Nhg

24 Apr 2024

London marathon runners raise thousands for charity

We had runners from all over the globe raising funds for the Hardship Fund this past Sunday.  

The weather was on our side this year, giving us a taste of spring with some long-awaited sunshine. As usual we made sure to secure our spot near mile 18 outside Cabot Place to cheer everyone on.  

Each year the marathon never fails to disappoint - the atmosphere was buzzing. Nothing beats the feel-good vibe you get among the crowd cheering and showing their support for each runner.  

Our volunteer Cameron shared: “It was worth waking up early to drive down from Essex and set up our cheering station at the marathon. It’s my favourite event, everyone is so positive and the runners themselves are an inspiration.” 

Misha MccGwire, one of our runners, said: “I’m so happy to have had the opportunity for Notting Hill Genesis, I signed up almost as soon as I joined last year. The day was honestly incredible, I’ve never known that level of support from complete strangers, you can’t beat it. I got an ovation at the pub I went to after and people on the tube were congratulating me – I felt like hero!”  

We managed to raise over £30,000 so far for The Hardship Fund which helps around 500 low-income households a year with essential household items, white goods, beds, carpeting and emergency removal fees for those fleeing abuse. Our aim is to help alleviate suffering and financial hardship by funding essential costs. 

If you would still like to donate to this worthy cause, you can do so here. 

Now onto next year – we go again! If you are interested in running the marathon and you are able to commit to raising funds on behalf of Notting Hill Genesis then please contact: .