Landlord Certificate Oaklands Development

20 Jul 2023

Landlord certificates for leaseholders - what you can expect from us

The landlord certificate has recently been introduced by the government. The certificate sets out which landlord is responsible for rectifying any building safety defects and whether they would be able to recover any of the cost from leaseholders.

When is a landlord certificate required?

If you live in a building of at least five storeys, or 11 meters in height, and has two or more properties, we must provide a certificate before a sale, either before billing for remedial works or if you request one.

When and how do I get one?

If you are a leaseholder planning to sell your property, please request a landlord certificate from us as early as possible in your transaction. This will minimise any potential delays while we deal with requests and prepare the certificates.

If you want to request a landlord certificate, we ask that you complete and provide us with a copy of the “leaseholder deed of certificate” which can be found on the government’s dedicated website. This form is important as it allows us to determine your protection from paying costs.

How long does it take?

When we receive a landlord certificate request we are obligated to provide this within four weeks. Please note due to the volume of requests we receive, the release of your certificate may well take us the full four weeks to provide.