GP Residents View New Flats NHG (1)

04 Jan 2024

Grahame Park residents enjoy a first look at their new homes

In the latest phase of the Grahame Park regeneration we went on a tour with Wates to show residents the homes they’ll be moving into this year.

This is the first time residents saw the new homes that they will be moving into, and they were thrilled to see what the layouts of their new property would look like

As the site is still a work in progress, health and safety was the first order of the day. Residents were excited to get kitted out for the occasion - donning hi-viz jackets, hard hats and protective glasses.

Resident involvement programme manager, Diana Edward, and regeneration development manager, Mark Bowden, led the tour and answered any questions residents had along the way.

The response was overwhelmingly positive and we couldn’t have been more pleased with their reaction.

Diana said “the residents were happy, enthusiastic and are looking forward to this new chapter in their lives!”

One resident said “I’m very impressed with the new flats. They looked amazing!”

It was easy to see the strong sense of community among the residents as they chatted to each other about their plans for the move. Many were delighted to find they would continue to be neighbours, and will even be living on the same floor as each other.

The Grahame Park community is tight knit, and so retaining this spirit and ethos among the residents is a key aim for us during the regeneration. We know how excited the existing Grahame Park community is to move into their new homes and it meant a lot to the regeneration team to be part of their first look and see the enthusiasm from them.

We are committed to providing comfortable, warm and safe homes for our residents in this expansive regeneration project. We cannot wait to start moving in our first Grahame Park residents into their new homes later this year!