London Marathon 2024

02 May 2023

£40,000 raised at the 2023 London Marathon

We were proud to have had a total of 37 runners representing Notting Hill Genesis at the 2023 London Marathon last Sunday. 

The runners, who came from countries as far afield as the USA and China and were joined by colleagues from Notting Hill Genesis, managed to raise more than £40,000, which is the largest amount of money raised for the Hardship Fund through the London Marathon.  

When asked about why she decided to run the marathon, project manager Aimee said, “I made the decision to run the London Marathon for two reasons: the first being the various great projects of which the fundraising supports and also, I wanted to personal challenge.  

“I started running the odd 5k here and there during the lockdown, so the thought of running 26 miles seemed impossible. But after months of training during lunch breaks and weekends, running through the rain and snow, I crossed the finish line on Sunday which felt absolutely amazing. 

“I would like to say a huge thank you to my colleagues for all their support and generosity over the last four months. It truly was a day I will never forget!” 

We were also joined by a number of staff members, friends and family who volunteered their day to support and cheer on the runners. 

One volunteer said, “I found the volunteering experience fun and fulfilling as I am contributing to a good cause within my own ability.” 

The money raised will go a long way to supporting hundreds of low-income households experiencing financial hardship with essential items, white goods and more. Donations for the Hardship Fund are still open if you’d like to contribute

We’d like to thank all our amazing runners for their hard work, dedication, and generosity. For those who’d like to run the 2024 London Marathon, please email for more information.