Nhg Resident Green Spaces

20 Oct 2023

Garden makeovers boost residents’ green spaces

During spring and summer, marvellous helpers from our volunteer programme joined forces with our housing teams and local resident groups to spruce up outdoor community spaces.

Having access to nature and green spaces supports good mental health and gardening can have a calming effect on our minds and lifts spirits.

We worked closely with residents in several areas where they felt their communal spaces would benefit from gardening improvements.

Western Court

Our aim was to provide seating areas, put-up privacy screening from the main street, replant the entrance area and supply storage for gardening tools. We also improved the garden’s plant-ing areas with fresh soil, flowers, plants, vegetables, colourful shrubs and all-year round green-ery.

The project was led by housing officers joined by a group of keen residents happy to share their time and support.

Staburn Court

This project in Edgware saw an enclosed garden with large empty concrete planters completely transformed into a luscious outdoor space. A group of residents got involved and supported with preparing and re-designing the garden.

Nnenna, a resident for many years, said: “When I come out of the lift now, I have a great big beam on my face. This has made such a difference and transformed our space. Thank you to everyone who has helped bring more sunshine into Staburn Court.”

Elsham Road

Residents highlighted communal gardens that had become overgrown and so collectively we pulled up weeds, repot plants and set up a barbecue.

We received some lovely resident feedback, including: “Just to say thank you so much for all your help and hard work in the garden. It is really looking good. I have started working on it too now, watering and arranging the pots, it's so much easier for me to get to again. It was great to meet the other neighbours as well, such a brilliant idea.”