EKP Series 3 Nhg2

15 May 2024

Every Kinda People series three has landed

The third series of our podcast Every Kinda People – focusing on the amazing stories of extraordinary people living in Notting Hill Genesis homes – was launched on Friday.   

Eleven residents, all living in the Bolney Meadow estate in south London and coming from a range of backgrounds and with a wide variety of interests, are featured this time around. 

Inspired by BBC Radio 4 shows Desert Island Discs and Inheritance Tracks, the podcast invites you to connect with interesting people and the music that has influenced their lives. 

Some of those featured in the third series include:  

  • Brigit – speaking on moving to the Bolney Meadow estate, the supportive community, why she became a pharmacologist and music’s soothing and calming effect 
  • Colin – moving from an idyllic childhood in Jamaica to London aged seven, he tells of Bob Marley and Johnny Nash visiting his Peckham school, teaching himself to play guitar and the powerful connection music has 
  • Patsy – recollects visiting rural Ireland annually as a child, mesmerising family stories, music, and positivity in the Irish pub scene 
  • Faye – talks of reggae’s uplifting and spiritual message, why she never forgets Black history and her passion and commitment for her charity work 
  • Lullyn – speaks on growing up in Grenada before coming to the UK, the civil rights movement, the support of the community and her love of Nina Simone and Stormzy 

With training and support from arts and education charity www.digital-works.co.uk , a group of resident volunteers learned new skills through conducting interviews and running the audio recorders. They were also invited to the launch event at Bolney Meadow Community Centre in Vauxhall, where they were reunited with the interviewees. 

Mandy Worster, volunteer programme manager for Notting Hill Genesis, said: “Working with residents on Bolney Meadow Estate has been a real honour. The positive outcome of Every Kinda People 3 is testament to the amazing people who came forward and trusted us with their stories and the commitment and passion of our resident trainees.” 

Matthew Rosenburg, from Digital Works said: “We enjoyed every minute of this project. The trainees who came along got on really well from the beginning so there was a lovely group ethos of care and curiosity which remained throughout the project. They did some great interviews with very generous and interesting residents on the estate. This is all reflected in the wonderful podcasts.” 

The third series can be found on our website alongside the first and second seasons, released in 2020 and 2022, respectively.