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At the heart of London's housing

Find out more about the work we do, our social purpose, history, vision and performance.

About us

Created in 2018 from two well-established housing associations, Notting Hill Genesis is now one of the largest housing associations in London and the south east. We own and manage more than 66,000 homes and employ around 2,000 staff. We provide homes across a range of tenures and are committed to continuing to deliver housing that is affordable to all. Our roots reach back to the 1960s when our legacy organisations were established by local people who shared a similar vision – to house west London’s working poor, providing them a home from which to build themselves and their families a secure future.

  • Our residents

    We aim to provide a modern, digitally enabled housing service that residents are happy with and that keeps them safe. We want to achieve sector-leading resident satisfaction levels.

    Based in our communities we have a unique service offer that allows us to get close to our residents, understand their needs and provide access to our services through the channel of their choice. Our local officers remain the focal point of our relationship with residents and the communities they live in. Many residents have already embraced the increased choice and convenience provided by our digital platform.

    Read more about the various tenancies we offer, or homes for sale and how My Account can help you access services when you want, where you want and how you want.

  • Our homes

    We want all our residents to enjoy a safe, comfortable home where they can thrive and enjoy life. We want to be sector-leading, achieve more for our residents and create great places to live.

    We will deliver a better repairs service to our residents and improve the quality of our existing homes through a programme of planned investment. In line with legislation we will ensure we keep our residents safe in their homes.

    More than £183m is going to be spent on reinvestment works across care and support and general needs (social housing) over the next five years, as well as £3-5 million per year on leasehold reinvestment.

  • Our business

    We are committed to ensuring a robust financial foundation to support investment and growth. The drive for profit is important to us, not for its own sake, but so we can continue to invest in our social purpose of providing quality homes and services for those who need them. Al the money we make is reinvested in what we do.

    A key objective of our 2018 merger was to reduce operating costs and maximise surpluses over time. We have sought opportunities to raise standards and increase efficiency and as a result operating costs for 2020/21 are being budgeted at £27 million below pre-merger figures.

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