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At the heart of London's housing

Find out more about the work we do, our social purpose, history, vision and performance.

About us

We are Notting Hill Genesis, formed in April 2018 from Notting Hill Housing and Genesis Housing Association, but our roots reach back to the 1960s when our legacy organisations were established by local people who shared a similar vision – to house west London’s working poor, providing them with a home from which to build themselves and their families a secure future. We're a member of the G15 group of major housing providers in London and the south-east. 


  • Our residents

    Our residents are at the heart of everything we do. They range from tenants to homeowners, with a diverse mix of social and economic backgrounds.

    Every one of our residents receives a personalised service from us. Our housing officers and property management officers (PMOs) get to know residents and what matters most for each of them, to look after their individual needs. Understanding our residents also means we're able to pro-actively resolve issues that could put their tenancies or leases at risk.

    The housing we offer ranges from permanent rented housing and temporary housing for people who come to us through their local council in high need of a low-cost home, to home ownership schemes for people taking a first step onto the housing ladder. Many residents are also referred to our housing offering care and support.

    Read more about the various tenancies we offer and our homes for sale.

  • Our homes

    We rent and sell quality, well-maintained homes at both subsidised and market rates. Thousands of these homes we've developed ourselves and we are committed to building more.

    We spot key opportunities for land and new homes and work with a range of partners – including councils, development partners and private landlords – to provide homes that meet London’s diverse housing needs.

    We work efficiently and use our asset base intelligently.

  • Our business

    We have a business mind and a social heart.

    London is in the midst of a housing crisis. We're able to continue to build affordable housing by working efficiently and reinvesting the money we make from our commercial activities back into our business. For every £100k generated, we can provide an extra new home.

    Development is also funded by borrowing, and we need to ensure we consistently make a surplus in order to maintain our credit rating and limit the amount of interest we're charged. This financial strength gives us the independence to make choices about our future.

    Balancing our commercial and social activities is a challenge, but the fact that we are one of the largest and financially strongest developers of affordable housing in London shows our strategy is working.

    The businesses that make up the Notting Hill Genesis Group are empowered to be self-sufficient and run their own affairs with one common goal – to provide homes for people in need of good housing in London.