Our staff networks

Our staff networks help shape key initiatives, scrutinising proposed changes and championing the best interests of their members always.

• BeeHive – our staff network to provide a platform to share experiences and explore strategies that will support personal and professional development for female colleagues.
- We organise an annual event to mark International Women’s Day. In 2019, we focused on helping women at a particular stage in their life or career.

• Carers Network – our newest staff network for colleagues who have significant caring responsibilities.
- We ensure that carers within the organisation are supported and provided with a safe space to talk, share and discuss experiences. We aim to influence organisational processes and policy to ensure carers’ needs are heard and met.

• Cultural Energie – our staff network for promoting achievement and culture of Black Asian Minority Ethnic colleagues.
- We are working with senior management in response to the recent Black Lives Matter discussion to identify opportunities and encourage participation of BAME staff in training and leadership programmes that would lead to their progression to more senior roles. We also regularly commission intranet articles and organise events which celebrate our diversity, our many cultures and also our successes.

• PROUD@NHG– our staff network for LGBTQIA+ colleagues to share experiences, and support this community.
- We aim to promote NHG as a LGBTQIA+ friendly employer aim and to increase the diversity and representation within the group by having intersectional advocates for multiple identities.

• Parallel – our staff network for colleagues with an interest in or personal experience of disability or long-term health issues.
- We draw on our personal knowledge and experience of disability and long-term health issues to improve the experience of colleagues. Recently we collaborated with colleagues leading the office refurbishment project to ensure the diverse needs of our members were considered.