What we do

We build and maintain quality, affordable homes, creating diverse and thriving communities. That is our primary purpose and everything else we do supports that.

Our vision and mission

Notting Hill Genesis is about more than bricks and mortar

Our focus is our residents. We put their needs at the heart of our structure, processes and systems and they drive our decisions each and every day. We want them to have a safe and comfortable home from where they can build lives, communities and futures

We value our roots. Our social purpose is as important today as when our parent organisations were formed in the 1960s, but now we have the resources and scale to do more. We are on the side of those we house and those who need our services. We remain close to the communities we serve.

We have first-hand experience of how critical a safe, stable home is to people’s economic and social well-being. A secure home promotes independence and enables people to plan and build their lives. Access to a secure home where people can establish a life and realise their potential should be available to all.

Providing a wide range of housing services across London and the south-east

Our residents are both homeowners and tenants, on a broad range of incomes. The housing we offer ranges from permanent rented housing and temporary housing for people who come to us through their local council in high need of a low-cost home, to home ownership schemes for people taking a first step onto the housing ladder. Many residents are also referred to our housing offering care and support.

Read more about the various tenancies we offer and our homes for sale.

Building more homes

There is a housing crisis in and around London. We would like to see a much greater supply of low-rent, secure homes, accessible to all who need them. We also want to create sustainable and vibrant communities and for our residents’ experience of their new home to be the best it can be.

That is why we are committed to maintaining a development programme in a difficult external climate. We will build 7,000 new homes by 2025 and buy 100 homes in London to support the Homes for Heroes campaign.

Reinvesting surplus for purpose

The businesses that make up the Notting Hill Genesis are empowered to be self-sufficient and run their own affairs. Making our own money gives us the freedom to be entrepreneurial so we can innovate and make improvements for our residents.

While some of our businesses make more money than others, we reinvest profits from our commercial activities and reserves to develop additional housing that meets the needs of more people in London. We all work with one common goal – to provide homes that are affordable, comfortable to live in and well-maintained.

A bright future

Above and beyond our core housing management work, we will continue to fulfil our social purpose by:

  • Increasing the number of affordable homes in London
  • Deriving social value from our contracts and procurement activity
  • Supporting residents to continue living in their homes
  • Organising volunteering activities that improve our communities
  • Helping residents into employment or training
  • Helping older people to lead healthier, active and independent lives through outstanding care and support services
  • Ensuring new homes are built and existing homes maintained to the highest standards
  • Involving residents in the governance of the organisation
  • Being a great employer that offers meaningful jobs and has satisfied employees.