What we do

Around two in every 100 Londoners live in a Notting Hill Genesis home. More than half are in general needs properties charged at social or affordable rent levels, but we also offer shared ownership, leasehold, market rent, supported and temporary housing, and commercial properties.

That tenure mix allows us to build on our proud legacy over almost six decades as an innovative and important player in London’s housing story, and to maintain our determination to deliver homes that Londoners can afford, whatever their personal circumstances.

We are committed to working better together for our residents, providing safe, warm and comfortable homes where they can live their lives well.

Our focus is on the capital, where we provide services to households in almost 61,000 homes across every London borough. We have slightly more than 6,000 properties in areas around London, but plan to transfer those to better placed registered providers over the coming years. As for previous transfers, we will work closely with local stakeholders and residents to ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

Alongside improving existing homes and services, we continue to build new homes. In 2023/24, we plan to deliver 1,281 new homes, 80% of which will be affordable, ensuring we are playing our part in addressing the capital’s housing shortage and enabling more people to truly make London home.

Our strategic priorities

It is only by working better together to address the entirety of the customer experience – the services they receive from us, the quality of our homes and the places in which they live that we will become the truly resident centric organisation we aim to be. We will concentrate our efforts on three core priorities:

Reinvesting surplus for purpose

The businesses that make up the Notting Hill Genesis are empowered to be self-sufficient and run their own affairs. Making our own money gives us the freedom to be entrepreneurial so we can innovate and make improvements for our residents.

While some of our businesses make more money than others, we reinvest profits from our commercial activities and reserves to develop additional housing that meets the needs of more people in London. We all work with one common goal – to provide homes that are affordable, comfortable to live in and well-maintained.