New project to support growing families

New babies need so much ‘stuff’. They need a pram, somewhere to sleep, clothing in different sizes, nappies, feeding equipment and more. Much of this is only needed for short periods of time until the baby grows.

For residents already living hand-to-mouth, meeting these added ‘baby costs’ on top of increasing living costs places significant stress on expectant families. Having a new baby should be a time for happiness and joy, not worry.

Our resident support programme delivers ‘budget alleviating’ initiatives to our residents on low incomes. We want to help ease the financial pressures of having young children so residents can meet their essential food, utilities and rent costs.

Through the new Love Where You Live Fund we have funded and launched the SPACE baby bank in Brent, at The Vale Community Centre, South Kilburn. Residents referred to SPACE are able to select good quality pre-loved baby equipment, clothing, fresh food, and toys for their child or children for free.

SPACE will also work with residents to support them in any debt, budgeting, wellbeing, or training/employment advice they may need.

Partnerships officer Soifur, who leads the project says: “It was really nice to see all the toys, equipment and clothing set up and ready for the mothers to come and browse through and select what they need.

“While I was there, we had two mothers with young children and another expectant mother attend. They were really pleased to see all the different kinds of items on offer and were greeted by a very helpful and hands on team.

“SPACE Baby Bank have also recruited two volunteers who helped set-up, translate and pack away at the end of the session. It was really nice to see the project up and running. Hopefully we will have many more referrals coming from our Brent housing teams as this is truly amazing and a different kind of support.”

He also thanked our communities team who have supported this project and let SPACE use The Vale Community Centre one day a week for free.

Make a referral

If you know any Notting Hill Genesis residents living in Brent who are pregnant or have children under five years old and would benefit from support, you can refer them here.

SPACE also have branches in RBKC and Hammersmith and Fulham both areas where we have high stock levels. You can refer residents using the same link.