Community Garden is up and running in Grahame Park

Over the past two years, we have worked with Groundworks to put together a community garden for Grahame Park residents after a consultation revealed they wanted a garden area to use and look after. We also worked with local organisations, including The Loop and Quinn, to put together a garden that served the local community.

Local residents were invited down to the Grahame Park concourse on Saturday 21 May to be introduced to the newly finished community garden just outside the community centre. The launch was organised in collaboration with Groundworks, Colindale Communities Trust, The Loop @ Grahame Park & Peoples Co.

The launch event was a great opportunity for residents to view the garden, learn about the different plants, and give ideas for future additions to the garden. We also recruited volunteers for the gardening group – who will take responsibility of maintaining and general upkeep of the garden to ensure it continues to thrive.

The event also consisted of gardening and art activities, games, a live DJ and face painting which all proved very popular with everyone who attended. We also had consultants there who gathered feedback from residents about the upcoming renovation of the local park (Heybourne Park).

Local councillors from the Colindale ward also attended and got involved to show their support for yet another project that we funded in the local community.

Overall, it was a successful event, and we had a great turnout (along with great weather) – we feel confident that the local community will take ownership of the garden and maximise its potential. If you’re ever down on Grahame Park, be sure to visit the garden!