Section 106 affordable homes

Section 106 agreements derive from the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. They are legal agreements between a planning authority and the planning applicant, which ensure that the applicant’s proposed development will also benefit the local community. The requirement to provide affordable housing within an otherwise private residential development is a common Section 106 planning condition.

In order to fulfil the planning condition and deliver the required homes, the developer must partner with a Registered Provider of affordable housing. As one of the largest and most experienced Registered Providers in London, Notting Hill Genesis works extensively with housebuilders and private developers to help them deliver on their Section 106 requirements. In addition to agreeing terms and conditions for the homes, we assign a project manager to ensure that our high standards for design, construction, fixtures and finishes are met throughout the development process.

Upon completion we become the owners of the affordable homes, which we rent on affordable tenancies or sell on a shared ownership basis to Londoners priced out of the housing market. Section 106 affordable homes are an important part of our development pipeline.

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