Planned investment and building safety works framework

Notting Hill Genesis is launching a £1.2bn framework to support its building safety and planned investment programmes over the next 15 years.

The framework, which will run for four years with an option to extend, is split into five lots each with specialist contractors.

It will allow us to assess their skills in each area to identify who can meet the high standards we demand to ensure the safety and comfort of our residents.

The five lots will cover:

  • Planned Investment Works - Building envelope and communal spaces
  • Planned investment works: Kitchen and bathrooms
  • Building Safety - Cladding remediation and wider capital works
  • Building Safety - Cladding remediation only
  • Fire Risk Assessment Remediation Works (Active and Passive Fire Safety)

Procurement for the framework will start in January, ready to formally commence in October 2022. We have written to residents to encourage them to take part in the consultation process and help identify any additional services that may shape the nature of the framework.

All organisations on our framework will be expected to meet targets that tie into our values, such as goals around sustainability, or ensuring work creates social value for the community whether through jobs, training opportunities or projects.

For more detail on the framework please refer to the PIN notice. Furthermore, please do respond to the survey to allow us to fully consider any comments that your organisation may have.

If you have any questions please contact Jack Thurlby, Head of Commercial and Contracts.