Our frameworks

We rely on strong and diverse development frameworks to help meet our delivery target of 1,400 new homes each year.

We have a suite of competitively tendered framework panels, with a robust system of performance monitoring, call-off contracts and mini-competitions to ensure they meet our high standards for build quality, service levels and value for money. They include:

  • CF1 Lot 1 - Masterplanning
  • CF1 Lot 2 - Architects
  • CF1 Lot 3 - Landscape architects
  • CF2 Lot 1 - Planning consultants
  • CF2 Lot 2 - Civil & structural engineers
  • CF2 Lot 3 - Mechanical & electrical
  • CF2 Lot 4 Transport & highways
  • CF3 Lot 1 - Employers’ agents
  • CF3 Lot 2 - Cost consultants
  • CF3 Lot 3 - Valuers
  • CF3 Lot 4 - Project management
  • CF3 Lot 5 - P&R surveyors
  • CF3 Lot 6 - Clerks of works
  • Contractors
  • Demolition & enabling works (Simple)
  • Demolition & enabling works (Complex)
  • Multiple solicitors lots

Our frameworks are highly regarded and are available for use by other contracting authorities in London. We also hold a number of approved supplier list for services where we do not have a framework. Any questions? Please email procurementteam@nhg.org.uk

Framework update: 30 June 2020

On 31 May 2017, Notting Hill Genesis (formerly Notting Hill Housing Trust) entered into the framework agreements listed below with a number of contractors and consultants. These framework agreements were procured in accordance with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, under the OJEU references listed below:

  • Consultants Framework 'CF1' for the provision of architectural and masterplanning services (OJEU reference 2016/S 089-156316)
  • Consultants Framework 'CF2' for the provision of planning, transport and highways, civil and structural engineering and mechanical and electrical engineering services (OJEU reference 2016/S 089-155833)
  • Consultants Framework 'CF3' for the provision of cost consultancy, employer’s agent, project management, P&R, valuation and clerk of works services (OJEU reference 2016/S 089-156316)
  • Contractors Framework for the carrying out of various construction works (OJEU reference 2016/S 089-155833)

As made clear in the Contract Notices published in OJEU for these Framework Agreements, each of these Framework Agreements are to last for an initial term of 4 years, with an option to extend for a further 1 year at NHG’s discretion

The purpose of this notice is to provide advance notice that NHG intends to exercise its option to extend the Framework Agreements for a further year from 31 May 2021 to 31 May 2022

Last updated: 30 June 2020