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Wooddene Estate, Southwark

Wooddene Estate

Wooddene was formerly a 1960s concrete build estate forming part of the Acorn Estate along Queens Road in Peckham, Southwark. The project will regenerate the area into a mixed tenure development with an on-site energy centre that will serve our 333 new homes, along with the Acorn Estate.

At a glance

The new Wooddene Estate will benefit from new community facilities, retail space, landscaping and open green space with private and communal garden areas and a community pocket park. Improvements will also be made to surrounding areas and public spaces, including Queens Road and Hollydene.

  • Architects: Jestico Whiles
  • Contractor: Higgins Construction
  • Units: 333 (54 social rent, 78 private sale, 201 Shared Ownership, one commercial)

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Wooddene Estate, Southwark
Wooddene exterior

About Wooddene Estate, Southwark